Amanda Mitchell’s approach makes singing accessible to everyone and the feel-good factor is contagious – something she wants to share with everybody through Bright Soul.

Amanda’s story so far …

In 2001, Amanda joined what was at the time, the only gospel choir in Brighton, led by the inimitable (now famous) Karen Gibson.

“This was when my eyes and heart really opened to soul and gospel choir music. The experience felt like an emotional roller coaster; I not only discovered my desire to perform but my own vulnerability, as well as a much-needed sense of community.”

Since then, this approach to music has informed all of her work; be it with individuals, choirs, acapella groups, background vocals for Viola Wills or fronting her own band.

In 2016 Amanda went to Norway to refine her choir directing skills with training from Basil Meade (London Community Gospel Choir) and Karen Gibson (Kingdom Choir) before returning to the UK to teach community choirs and run bespoke workshops.

Since then, she has worked with individuals, workplace choirs, community groups, as well as establishing her own flagship choir Bright Soul, featured on Channel 4 Undateables in 2018.

She is also the founder and director of the 3 Choirs annual event working with both Mark De Lisser & Karen Gibson to bring Choral singing to the wider community in the U.K. “It’s been a real journey – joyful, humbling & educational!”

From our Choir Director Amanda Mitchell:

“I love the transformative affect a simple choir can have over people’s lives, building community, increasing confidence, improving health and strengthening vocal ability. I truly believe that anybody can sing, and feel honoured to witness the journeys made by the people I work with.”