How lockdown pushed me to learn new skills.

What I learnt and how life became simpler!

Lockdown left me floundering – like most people, let’s face it!

Overnight, corporate team building, events and workshops in the room disappeared, as well as school, our collective freedoms and support networks.

Whilst businesses worldwide found new ways of working. Learning to pivot, for me, has been a steep learning curve. I’ve become a sound technician, an online presenter, learnt the finer details of Zoom, and enticed choir members online. Let’s not forget home-schooling my children in between. It has felt like a whirlwind in slow motion.

Photo by Nasa

After 3 online singing courses, lots of mental struggle and exhaustion, I am proud to say I have this online thing down. I’ve taught lots of songs, made backing tracks, built up digital resources, recorded a choir track and made a choir video. I am a digital Princess (Queen status will take a bit more time!)

Whilst my business became more confusing, life, in general, is simpler. I appreciate the smaller things – my own company, walks, TV, exercise. I have a surprisingly limited urge to return to activities and social occasions. And I’ve found myself exhausted by the recent company of friends (sorry). My social stamina is at an all-time low! In short, I’ve slowed. (I do really really want to eat out though!)

Photo by David Travis

What have I learnt?

Being a choir leader is all about the people. Yes, singing too. But people in a physical space make the journey interesting.

My recorded voice isn’t as bad as I thought!

I can pivot, but I need to time.

My children and husband are wonderful, resourceful intelligent human beings (sorry for the general grumpiness).

My Bright Soul family is incredibly loyal and supportive.

See value in the small – a cup of tea, a hug, blue skies, spring colours.

Gratitude is heart-warming.

See value in the small things…

What will I ditch?

Surprisingly little…

Zoom, home schooling, the fear of illness.

In the same way, I never want to teach primary aged children ever again (if I can help it)! I know online choir isn’t for me. And whilst I have deep anxieties about being around lots of people; I’m also excited to my bones to get outdoors and hear my singers. I can’t wait to feel their emotion, be part of their singing journey and learn from them in a way that just doesn’t happen in a virtual space. I wonder which brave adventurers will be joining us?

Bright Soul Choir will be singing in the great outdoors from the end of June in Worthing & Brighton! Check out what’s on.