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This choir really is so good for the soul, so uplifting, refreshing, and down to earth. Just very, very human which is so important right now. I have played a few instruments and been in a band, but never a singer. A chance meeting got me interested in a choir with such a cool and accessible repertoire – it’s soul music! It’s building my musical confidence which, as an absolutely passionate music lover, is important to me for my self worth and identity. In my job I have to challenge people, give presentations and speak up a lot. I can usually do it OK on the outside. Since getting a taste for ‘performing’ in the choir, it actually feels better on the inside. And I've barely started!


Bright Soul Choir has given me a new lease of life! I had my heart broken at the end of 2021 and joined the choir at the start of the year to keep busy. I'm not the most confident singer, I’ve never had lessons, but always enjoy singing along to music. The choir is made up of wonderful supportive people. And whilst it can be challenging at times for this alto with little confidence, (with absolutely zero exception), I always leave rehearsal feeling 10 times happier and more at peace. Singing has had such a powerful influence on my mental health, and I don’t think my healing process would have been the same without it! Choir means so much to me, I feel more confident in my singing ability and look forward to singing more with Bright Soul.

Sian, Post-Grad student, age 25

Following 3 career changes, 3 family bereavements a global pandemic and my own personal caring responsibilities, my world has been turned upside down. Choir and being part of the choir ‘family’ has nourished and sustained me. The genuine kindness, stability, continuity, encouragement and gentle persuasion, have been a weekly healing balm to my soul. I am so privileged to have an exceptional choir leader with wonderful teaching gifts, ‘who would’ve thought that possible….’


Returning to live singing with a spectacular Spring Concert at the end term, made me really appreciate my Bright Soul family. I am still buzzing from the power, joy and love in the room. During lockdown, our Zoom projects kept us all in touch, singing new material throughout those dark days, however the relentless worrying about catching and spreading Covid 19, especially through singing, has been exhausting. Meeting up again, paying full care and attention to each other, and our rehearsal space, has enabled us to feel safe, relax, chat, dance and enjoy learning new songs. Under Amanda's strong and caring direction, the choir has really pulled together. Everyone has rallied round and supported each other. Evidence indeed that singing in a choir is good for your heart and soul.

Rosamond Artist & Teacher

I joined Bright Soul to be with like-minded people and share the love of singing. My personal situation has become very difficult in recent years and for my own mental health, well-being and confidence I was overjoyed to be accepted into the choir. I love being part of a supportive group and being able to sing… I remember with great affection my school choir and the commitment and dedication of my old choir master and how special the choir was made to feel. This is the same feeling I have 50 years on, being part of Bright Soul. Without doubt the choir has improved my health in every way - created new friendships and is so beneficial for me.


Bright Soul is our space, to experience and share through music, we all get to connect! I joined Bright Soul because I love singing, but I saw how uplifting and welcoming this established group of people were. And they welcomed me with open arms! No matter how drained, emotional, tired or stressful my day at work or personal life has been, I leave choir feeling physically lighter as if my head space has been cleared out. I feel uplifted and refreshed! I am a much happier and level-headed person when I am attending choir. It enables me to be more resilient with my mental health. It challenges me to get out of my comfort zone and back into singing!

Jody – (Associate Practitioner for the Community Respiratory team, NHS)