The Undateables Christmas Special 2018

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I received a phone call out of the blue from Charlie, claiming to work for Betty, a TV production company. He had a filming enquiry. I was in Devon with friends and had a few minutes for an engaging chat before my kids, in typical kid fashion, burst in through the door with cries of injury and falling. I hung up with a promise to contact him the following day (without screaming children).

After a bit of frantic research, I discovered it wasn’t a hoax and there is in fact a TV production company called Betty! What followed were a series of conversations, messaging and lots of mental preparation to feel deflated when they discovered that it was just little old me talking big on the phone!Then came the call… in the middle of a pumpkin field (of course where else would I be in October?!) “it’s looking good” he said, “I just need you to have a chat with the director, now, before we go into our meeting.

And so there it was, a sort of interview, to nail a filming gig for The Undateables, in the middle of a field, whilst my daughter & her friend ran amock! All followed an hour later by a simple text “we’ve got the green light”!

Then it was all go, non-stop questions from the producer & director, emails to the choir, a meeting where we listened to the proposed song on Spotify in a hotel bar, intense workings out of the tune. And I must add, all for the kudos of being on C4! (no dosh!)

The Undateables Choir 2018 on filming day

The choir members worked their socks off and rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed, they went out and bought Christmassy bling in October, came to extra rehearsals – knowing the words and harmonies. I was so proud of them!

And finally, filming: a rehearsal with Daniel where he bravely & vulnerably sang with, and in front of, the choir practising his proposal. The actual filming of the proposal itself – gallant, touching, emotional; I am sure you’ve seen it. Off screen we ALL cried (TV crew included). Then it was over. So fast. But it was momentous, emotional, awe-inspiring & humbling. Thank you Daniel & Lily for including us in your big day, and many congratulations to you both on your engagement and the most romantic proposal ever.

If you missed it, watch the moment here…