Brightsoul performing at 3 Choirs Concert 2018


Bright Soul is led by Amanda Mitchell.

Her mission is  harness the power of group singing to

create unity, build confidence & strengthen vocal ability.

She wants to inspire groups & individuals to shine!

This has been my 1st term with the brilliant ‘Bright Soul’ choir.  So I just wanted to say thank you to Amanda and the rest of the choir for fabulous, fun and stress busting sessions.  My mobility issues have always been taken into consideration, making me feel a valued member of the choir.  I love… Continue reading Sue


Another fantastic term, it was such a tonic getting together and singing this term’s upbeat and moving numbers!  Such a shame  that the current situation cut things short – we’re all dying to come back, pick up where we left off and share our hard work with our friends at a show!

Ellie – Film Maker

Amanda is a fun and engaging teacher and she works us hard while still managing to keep it ‘light’. The song choices are excellent and the harmonies are beautiful. I’m used to relying on reading notes and so am seriously out of my comfort zone, but I feel I’m learning a huge amount — choir… Continue reading Lindsay – Coach Driver

Lindsay – Coach Driver

From the outset everyone has been  so welcoming, encouraging , inclusive and supportive. I have learnt such a lot and the challenge of blending my voice with the beautiful sound the choir makes has been joyful and uplifting. Thank you!

Rick – NHS Consultant

Everyone is so welcoming and it’s easy to fit in.

Saffy – Women 4 Women

Space, friendliness, everything!

Mel – Women 4 Women

Great fun! Good for the soul! Can’t wait to start again!

Jo – Women 4 Women

I love these sessions. So inspirational!

Maria – Women 4 Women

The workshops have been for me an inclusive, non-judgemental and supremely enjoyable experience – they have really helped me to find an inner strength.

Nic – Brighton & Hove Workplace choir

Singing in the choir has been so vital for our mental and physical wellbeing. With Amanda at the helm, it has been a really liberating experience.

Jo. T – Brighton & Hove Workplace choir

Thank you so very much for allowing me to be part of the choir and indeed something very special, at a time when I was feeling very low and lost.

Anon – Brighton & Hove workplace Choir

Thanks for the encouragement and support and FUN! I really enjoyed your teaching – it was fun and challenging

Ruth Brighton & Hove Workplace choir

It has been so much fun and really helped me gain some confidence in something that was so way out of my comfort zone.

Gail – Brighton & Hove Workplace choir

Genuinely never imagined joining choir could be so rewarding for me – singing parts together is a beautiful, touching, powerful thing. I feel very grateful to the choir for the warm welcome and acceptance, and to Amanda for her patient guidance and enthusiastic choir leading

David- Brighton & Hove Workplace Choir

I’m really enjoying singing with BrightSoul. Amanda gives it 110 per cent!

BrightSoul Choir

Brightsoul inspires people to be brave and go out there and sing. The music is uplifting and creative arrangements enhance the original versions in most cases. Love my weekly fix of soul and gospe

BrightSoul Choir

I love being a member of BrightSoul . We work hard and have fun and I am very proud of the music we produce. Amanda is a great Choir Director.

BrightSoul Choir

I really enjoy attending the choir, we laugh and learn to sing in harmony. My voice isn’t great, but singing with the other women helps to keep me in tune.

Cleo – Women 4 Women sessions

Amanda’s singing workshops are both excellent fun and at the same time a brilliant chance to learn ways to improve singing technique and build confidence in a supportive group. 

Women 4 Women sessions

 It’s a great destressing evening, fun and friendly too!

Women 4 Women sessions

Amanda had us all up on our feet and making a great sound within a few minutes. She managed to keep us all on track while keeping the workshop lively, informal and great fun.

Women 4 women sessions

I will definitely be coming again and I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.

Janice about Women 4 Women Sessions

Inspirational singing for soul music lovers! It feels very special to be part of this choir. Ellie Brent


This is the only social activity I attend regularly and it means a great deal to me.


Joining the choir has done wonders for my wellbeing; my spirit and confidence have soared in just two months.


This choir will inspire you and give you confidence.


Bright Soul does just that, it Brightens, (or Brighton’s even, geddit…sorry), the soul!


I have sung in different choirs over the years.


Amanda created a very enabling atmosphere … fun & kind, I felt confident in her approach”


BrightSoul makes me a better person, happier, more relaxed