Brightsoul performing at 3 Choirs Concert 2018


Bright Soul is about singing and performing powerful music.

Choir builds community and brings joy to everyone involved.

Amanda Mitchell leads Bright Soul choir in Brighton and also offers community & team building workshops and 1:1 lessons.

She loves to harness the power of singing to build unity and self-confidence.

“Singing is absolutely beautiful, uplifting and heart-warming”

This has been my 1st term with the brilliant ‘Bright Soul’ choir.  So I just wanted to say thank you to Amanda and the rest of the choir for fabulous, fun and stress busting sessions.  My mobility issues have always been taken into consideration, making me feel a valued member of the choir.  I love singing with you all and looking forward to meeting up post Covid 19.


Another fantastic term, it was such a tonic getting together and singing this term’s upbeat and moving numbers!  Such a shame  that the current situation cut things short – we’re all dying to come back, pick up where we left off and share our hard work with our friends at a show!

Ellie – Film Maker